The Best Farm Shop… In the world

Established in 2020, Diddly Squat Farm Shop was the brainchild of Jeremy Clarkson after realising that potatoes did indeed grow well on his farm and he had accidentally produced 40 tonnes of them. From there, with his partner Lisa, he bought hives and began to produce and sell bee juice, along with apple juice and cow juice from a local dairy.

Scenes from the farm

The vegetables are from the garden, flour is from Jeremy’s wheat, which is sold to Sourdough Revolution for the fresh daily bread. The quality of the water, from a spring in the garden, is so good Nestle originally wanted to buy the entire village water system of streams.

Excellent local villagers, make a constant fresh supply of cakes, sausage rolls and a selection of scotch eggs. We branched out to big tote bags, robust tea towels, aprons and t-shirts as well. It’s very little but it’s a proper farm shop

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